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Toyota of Nashua’s profits grow from $1,000 a month to an average of $27,000 with RevolutionParts

Before using RevolutionParts as their eCommerce solution, Rob explains that they had tried to dip into the online parts world without much outside help. “We had a local guy make a website. There were hours and hours spent putting it together and getting it going. We were selling diddly. Maybe $1,000 in a good month.” There had to be a better way. Rob and his team looked around to see if they could find a solution.

Patriot finds success selling parts online by switching from TradeMotion to RevolutionParts

Hagen explains how the dealership’s website had been placed on the back burner due to a staffing change the year before. “Jason Owens (the dealership owner) never lost faith in the project and was eager to get a fresh mind on it to get the website back to its original highly-recommended vendor status.  He is the most determined individual I’ve ever met, and the definition of a motivator.”

Lasco Ford hits the $1.3 million mark after the first year with RevolutionParts

Austin Schillman, online sales manager at Lasco Ford, remembers when his boss approached him about the idea of selling parts online. “My boss Dave Brooks has been in the industry for quite a while and came to me with the idea of going online for parts sales. He gave me the tools I needed and pointed me in the right direction to be successful.” Austin hadn’t had any previous experience selling parts online, but he ran with it.



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